Our piano lessons are the perfect solution for all those parents who would like to introduce piano playing to their children from an early age.

At Piano Maestros, we are pleased to use the simple and fun Dogs & Birds Piano Method, which allows teaching piano to very young beginners (from the age of four onwards). Knowledge of the alphabet is not necessary, but we do recommend the parent sits in on piano lessons and helps the child with regular practice in between lessons.

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Children learn best when they have their piano lessons regularly every week. This is available on our Weekly Maestro tuition plan, which runs in line with standard academic term dates.

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The aim of our piano lessons is to find the potential of each student and to develop their natural talent. We cover all aspects of piano playing from a good grasp of technique, and practical musicianship, to music theory, history and aural skills.

All pianists are encouraged to take part in our students’ piano recitals, which take place at Charlton House every year just before Christmas and Summer holidays. Working towards a goal inspires a regular practising routine, and helps children to achieve their goals faster. Performing in front of an audience teaches children the essential presentation skills, as well as boosting their natural confidence.

Our tutors provide excellent support and preparation for ABRSM and Trinity College grade exams. You will also be able to attend our regular pre-exam seminars, in which you can find out more about how the whole system of grade exams works. Mock exam appointments are available upon request.

Children learn best when they have their piano lessons regularly every week. This is available on our Weekly Maestro tuition plan, which runs in line with standard academic term dates.

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Our private piano lessons are focused on the desires of the individual, so talk to your teacher and let them know what you wish to achieve. Work towards concerts or grade exams, or learn for your own pleasure. We will recommend the right piano method for you whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player.

We offer a unique Flexi Maestro tuition plan, especially designed for working professionals or people with busy family commitments. On this plan you can have your piano lessons once per fortnight, which allows for more flexibility with your appointments. It is the perfect solution for students who really wish to learn piano, but whose schedule simply doesn’t allow them to commit to the same time and day every week.

You can choose between 30, 45 or 60-minute lessons, however, we recommend 45-minute lessons. On the Flexi Maestro plan fees are paid for in advance in blocks of five lessons.

Our experienced piano teachers, all performing professional pianists, will inspire you, guide you, help you to achieve your goals and make your musical journey worthwhile.

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It is never too late to start learning how to play the piano! Our lessons are for everyone who is keen to learn. We will tailor the lessons’ content to suit your needs.

Lessons are arranged to fit in with your schedule – daytime, evening, or weekend. Have your lessons weekly or once per fortnight.

We will encourage you to take part in our piano social events, informal soirées and public concerts. We invite you to come and play, or just be our friendly audience and meet other piano enthusiasts. If our events do not appeal, you can always take piano lessons for your pleasure and personal benefits.

Scientific studies show the many positive effects of learning to play the piano, including:

  • improving concentration
  • memory development
  • increased self esteem
  • reduced stress
  • it inspires your creativity, and
  • it is great fun!
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Mel Hutcheon

Your school and quality of teaching has been marvellous. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Mel Hutcheon / parent
Stepan Tuma

My son has been taking piano lessons for more than a year. He loves his teacher and I can tell that they really care about my kid too. Your music school is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn piano.

Stepan Tuma / business partner
Kathryn Pawa

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the concert yesterday. Sophia really enjoyed performing and watching the other students. She was really inspired to watch her teacher perform as well.

Kathryn Pawa / parent