Practice Challenge

Practice Challenge

Spring term 2022

Join our New Year’s challenge!

We want to give you some extra boost and motivation to start the New Year with a proper piano practice, which will hopefully last until the end of the year and beyond.

We will be running the Practice Challenge throughout the Spring term, and there will be one winner for each month – January, February and March 2022. And there will also be prizes!


How to participate?

If you’d like to participate in this term’s Practice Challenge, simply keep a record of your practice time – this is when you practise your piano pieces, as instructed by your teacher. Look at the practice notes in your notebook.

How to record your practice time? 

You can use the Practice Log in your Student Portal account – simply log in your practice time every time you practise your piano homework. Drop us an email if you need help logging-in.

You can also use your Practice Notebook – just circle the day and write down how long have you been practising (in minutes). Your teacher will calculate the total time at the end of the month. 

How will the winner be announced? 

There will be one winner for January, February, March 2022. The winner’s name will be announced through Piano Maestros Instagram account after the end of each month, and they will receive a prize!  

Prize for the winner

January – piano pencil case with pencils.
February – music bag, for all your piano books to take to lessons.
March – the Simply-Be-More-Piano-Maestro mug for the yummy hot chocolate.

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