Young Piano Maestro Prize

Young Piano Maestro Prize

by Simply-be-more creator Clare Langan

I’m very excited to announce the “Young Piano Maestro Prize”, which will go to the Piano Maestros student who has made the most improvement throughout the academic year.

Piano Maestro Mugs & Cards

The idea of the Young Piano Maestro Prize was born when we approached Clare to design mugs and cards with the piano in mind. The special “Simply-be-more Piano Maestro” mugs and cards can now be ordered, and £1 from a mug sale and 25p from a card sale go towards the prize. 

You can order the mugs and cards here:

About the prize

The amount raised through the sales (£1 form each mug and 25p from each card) will go to the best student of the academic year in the form of a gift voucher to redeem in a local music shop, The Normans in Eltham, which sells sheet music, musical instruments, and lots of other lovely things perfect for a musician.

The Young Piano Maestro of the academic year 2020/21 will receive;

  • Young Piano Maestro of the Year certificate for each nominee and the winner
  • Young Piano Maestro of the Year mug for the winner
  • A voucher to redeem in a local music shopper the winner

Choosing the best student

Clare will award the prize to the student who has shown the most effort, not necessarily the best pianist. Each tutor will nominate one student from their class who showed the most significant effort in learning throughout the year.

At the beginning of June, we’ll invite nominated students to record a short video message telling us what playing the piano means to them. 

What qualities are we looking for in the Young Piano Maestro of the year? 

We are looking for a student who has shown the most effort in learning the piano throughout the academic year. So, if you have been practising regularly, showing progress and engagement in lessons, working towards exams or taking part in our studio events, you are in a great position to be nominated for the prize.

About Simply-be-more creator Clare Langan

The whole ethos of Simply-be-more is paying it forward and being the change. Clare says, “I was so encouraged and supported as a young musician and had the best teachers. To encourage and nurture is paramount to helping anyone in any area of their life become who they’re truly meant to be.”

Clare live on stage

Until March 2020, Clare Langan pursued a busy career as a headline flautist performing all over the world. Like so many artists, the pandemic has created a new world order….It was time to get creative. Clare started drawing, and a few months later, the “Simply-be-more” brand was born, selling positive and inspiring sketches on the collection of cards, t-shirts, bags, mugs and framed prints.

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