Young Piano Maestro Award

Young Piano Maestro Award

The ‘Young Piano Maestro Award’ was first introduced in June 2021. Founded with the help of professional musician and flautist Clare Langan, the award has continued to grow, and our students enthusiastically participate in our small piano competition.

This year, the following categories are introduced;

  • Best Presentation – for the best stage presentation and verbal introduction of the pieces
  • Junior Prize – for the best performance of a young student (in primary education)
  • Winner – the best performance

How can I participate?

To enter the Young Piano Maestro Award, simply purchase a performing ticket for our Summer Gala Concert and perform your favorite piece of music. Every student performing at the concert will be eligible for the prize.

How are we going to choose and announce the winner?

We will invite an independent adjudicator to your Summer Gala Concert on the 30th of June 2024, and they will listen to every performance carefully. They will announce the winner for each category during the award ceremony at the end of our concert.

We will engage an independent adjudicator to come to our Summer Gala Concert on June 30, 2024. The adjudicator will attentively listen to each performance and announce the winners for each category during the award ceremony at the conclusion of our concert.

Young Piano Maestro Award Winners to date

2021 – Dylan Liu, tutor; Tania Notte

2022 – Astrid Morlot, tutor; Andrea Vargas Kmecová

2023 – WINNER – Enay Nuryeva, tutor; Natasha Kovalenko, JUNIOR WINNER – Anastasia Emmot, BEST PRESENTATION – Eric Nguyen, tutor; Bozhdiar Chapkanov

Nominees 2023;

Eric Nguyen – tutor Bozhidar Chapkanov, Michael Yang – tutor Naufal Mukumi, Noah Wardle – tutor Faye Evans, Sara Tleukhan – tutor Natasha Kovalenko, Leia Joyce – tutor Olga Bakay, Enay Nuryeva – tutor Natasha Kovalenko, Felix Akhurst – tutor Faye Evans, Oto Weir – tutor Bozhidar Chapkanov, Anastasia Emmott – tutor Andrea Vargas Kmecova.

Simply Be More Piano Maestro Mugs & Cards

The idea for the Young Piano Maestro Prize was conceived when we approached Clare Langan to design mugs and cards with the piano in mind. Now, you can order the special ‘Simply Be More Piano Maestro’ mugs and cards through the links below. £1 from each mug sale and 25p from each card sale will contribute to the prize fund.

The proceeds raised (£1 from each mug and 25p from each card) will be awarded to the most deserving student in the form of a gift voucher redeemable at The Normans, a local music shop in Eltham. The Normans offers a wide range of sheet music, musical instruments, and other delightful items, perfect for any musician.

You can order the mugs and cards here:

About Simply Be More creator Clare Langan

The whole ethos of Simply Be More is paying it forward and being the change. Clare says, “I was so encouraged and supported as a young musician and had the best teachers. To encourage and nurture is paramount to helping anyone in any area of their life become who they’re truly meant to be.”

Clare live on stage

Until March 2020, Clare Langan pursued a busy career as a headline flautist performing all over the world. Like so many artists, the pandemic has created a new world order….It was time to get creative. Clare started drawing, and a few months later, the “Simply-be-more” brand was born, selling positive and inspiring sketches on the collection of cards, t-shirts, bags, mugs and framed prints.

Visit to discover more.