Welcome to Piano Maestros

We are a team of dedicated piano teachers, aspiring to nurture, inspire and educate new talent. We teach one-to-one piano lessons to students from the age of four to adults, and we welcome players of all abilities and aspirations.

Piano playing always brings people together, and we are committed to keeping this tradition alive. We want to pass the artistry and joy of playing the piano on to a new generation and share it with our community.


According to the latest government guidance, from Monday, 12 April 2021, face-to-face lessons are permitted in private homes for all children. We can see nothing in the regulations which expressly prohibits face-to-face music teaching for adult learners.
Because of the increased risk of Covid to older adults and people with health conditions, some students may wish to remain online for now.

As advice on working safely during current coronavirus continues to be updated, we will remain vigilant and communicate any necessary updates as these come through. If you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to give us a direct call on 07999 231493.

We are committed to continuing on our mission to motivate and support our pupils. Now more than ever, we must keep aspiring to be Piano Maestros, as engaging in a creative activity is essential to our wellbeing and in fact, therapeutic.


Summer Concert

Summer Concert

Sunday, 27 June 2021, 6 PM, location TBC

Our final concert of the current academic year will take place on the last Sunday of the term. We will release further information on whether this will be an online concert or an event at a venue in due course. Talk to your teacher if you’d like to perform. 

Spring Concert

The African Concert Series Educational Program coming to Piano Maestros

Thursday, 25 March 2021, 6 PM via Zoom (Rehearsal on Sunday, 21 March at 6 PM)

The end of spring term concert gives us another chance to get together, perform your piano repertoire, and learn about African classical music.

The African Concert Series, founded in 2019 by the award-winning Nigerian-Romanian pianist Rebeca Omordia, is a place where everyone, adults and children, can learn about the African culture through its music. Rebeca will perform a couple of pieces in the concert and students are invited to play a piano piece written by an African composer too, but it is not compulsory! Everyone who learns and plays an African piece will get a certificate of participation signed by the patron of the series, world-renowned cellist Julian Lloyd Webber.

Dine & Play at the Clarendon Hotel Blackheath

Sundays, 1-4 PM

We launched our family concert series TEA & TUNES at the Clarendon Hotel Blackheath in November 2019, but sadly, due to coronavirus we can’t organise concerts at the moment. However, we would like to offer all our students an informal performing opportunity in front of your family or friends. All you need to do is to dine at the hotel on a Sunday afternoon. Get in touch for more information.

What our students say

“Your school and quality of teaching has been marvellous. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Mel, parent

“I started learning the piano for the first time when I was 57. My initial piano teacher left the country a couple of years ago, and I wanted to continue learning to play. I was exceptionally lucky to find Andrea and Piano Maestros almost immediately. I have continued to have weekly lessons, having them via Zoom during Covid. I am a rather slow learner to say the least, but I am making progress. My slowness is to do with me, not my excellent, patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.”

Maria, student

Thanks for putting on a lovely evening for your pupils. It was very relaxed, informal and 100% ‘real’. You have a great bunch of people.

Tony, parent

Bozhidar is a great teacher. He has helped nurture a love for playing in both boys and we are so grateful for his patience and kindness. We are very pleased with his work.”

Doris, parent

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