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One of the leading providers of piano lessons in Greenwich, South East London. We are the only local professional music academy that specialises exclusively in teaching piano. Our qualified and experienced piano teachers deliver lessons in the comfort of your home.

Piano tuition

Early beginners

Early beginners

Our piano lessons are the perfect solution for all those parents who would like to introduce piano playing to their children from an early age.

School children

School children

The aim of our piano lessons is to find the potential of each student and to develop their natural talent. We cover all aspects of piano playing...



Our private piano lessons are focused on the desires of the individual, so talk to your teacher and let them know what you wish to achieve.

Senior learners

Senior learners

It is never too late to start learning how to play the piano! Our lessons are for everyone who is keen to learn.

We are eager to spread the passion for piano playing to every household, school or office, inspiring pupils of all levels and abilities.

Featured piano teachers

Andrea Vargas Kmecova

Director, Expert Tutor

Tereza Stachova

Assistant Director, Associate Tutor

Yuri Demetz

Associate Tutor

Our events

Tea & Tunes

Sunday 10 November 2019, 6 PM, Clarendon Hotel Blackheath, SE3 0RW
We invite you to play your favourite tunes while we enjoy a drink or a meal in a cosy setting of the Goffers Room at the Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath.
This event will be relaxed and friendly, ideal for the first-time performers or those trying out exam repertoire.


Christmas Concert

Friday 6 December 2019, 6 PM, Charlton House, SE7 8RE
Rehearsal: Friday, 29 November 2019, 4-6 PM
Don’t miss this special opportunity to perform on the grand piano in one of the most beautiful concert halls in Greenwich. We invite you to perform at our annual Christmas concert, or just come along to listen and be our appreciative audience.


Let's play piano!

Would you like to learn on a weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc basis? Discover our available tuition plans and choose the one that suits you most! We can arrange the timing of your lessons to suit your convenience.

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Piano Maestros concert rehearsals
Mel Hutcheon

Your school and quality of teaching has been marvellous. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Mel Hutcheon / parent
Stepan Tuma

My son has been taking piano lessons for more than a year. He loves his teacher and I can tell that they really care about my kid too. Your music school is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn piano.

Stepan Tuma / business partner
Kathryn Pawa

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the concert yesterday. Sophia really enjoyed performing and watching the other students. She was really inspired to watch her teacher perform as well.

Kathryn Pawa / parent